Truth. You’ll always be a “new mom”

To say I’ve been procrastinating is an understatement. Especially considering I started this blog A YEAR AGO. I had every intention pre-baby to begin writing about my motherhood experience the minute Graceyn arrived. Obviously… motherhood was a bit busier than I anticipated so here we are – a year later – backtracking my steps. The great thing for you is, I’ve learned A LOT and have A LOT to share! So let’s get started.


You’ll always be a “new mom”.

Though my daughter is going to be 1 year old by next Wednesday (OMG), I’m still a new mom. I think the term “new mom” is thrown out a lot only during the first several weeks of babies life. But honestly, every single day, every single second I learn something new about being a parent and it’s exhausting. It is a true emotional roller-coaster. They’re laughing and giggling one minute and the next, vomit, choking noises, poop. It’s never ending.

To top it off, I’m a paranoid mom (who isn’t?). Those who know me know I couldn’t be any other way. It’s always been the way I think. I look ahead, far into the future and anticipate the worst. As a mom you fear everything – are they eating enough? are they sleeping enough? are they breathing enough air?

When does this go away? Never.

When you become a mom it’s like a switch gets turned on that you can’t ever shut off. No part of my mind allows me to not “worry”. I’M ALWAYS WORRIED!

The first year of motherhood can honestly be broken down in 2-3 month intervals. Babies change and develop so fast by the time you feel confident you’ve created the perfect schedule and feeding routine, they welcome their first tooth, refuse the boob, and start to roll over. Now that Graceyn is nearly a year old, I’m learning a whole new schedule and how to remain confident during this transition too. I became so overwhelmed in the beginning trying to fit the new mom mold that I read in the articles, books, etc. only to realize everything ultimately worked in harmony when I did what worked best for Graceyn and I.

So don’t get down on yourself. As mom’s we are ALWAYS learning something new and that is normal. If you don’t have it all together like the baby books say, you are still doing a great job at this new mom thing regardless. Give yourself a break. It is not easy!


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